BLS 010 – U N R E L E A S E D – Ylenia EP

Within Music there’s always a strict space shared between emotions and guts
As always the right thing to be said is not always the right thing to do but nevertheless need to be done and we know that is a common behaviour of many artists to destroy everything left behind to rebuilt their monument from the base. 
Will it this be the case? You are the judge, the witness and the victim at the same time. 
Here comes U N R E L E A S E D. Ready or not.
A1 – U N R E L E A S E D – La Revanche (Original Mix)
A2 – U N R E L E A S E D -La Revanche (Derek & DJLo Acid Love Mix)
B1 – U N R E L E A S E D – Too High
B2 – U N R E L E A S E D – Wuah
Including one exclusive remixes full of flavour from Derek & DJLo.

Available in cassette and digital format with an exclusive handmade artwork.

As we say in Italy, Bellissima!

Format: Tape + Digital

Release date: 26/10/2018

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Latest feedbacks:

Fotis ‘Mentor’ Monos – “Too High is the one for me. I really like the instrumentation.” – 3/5

Andrea Mennilli – “Lavori sempre alta qualità” – 4/5

Rogue D (Hot Creations / Snatch!) – “Nice EP! Full support” – 5/5

Bigote (RITMO / FMUD, Berlin) – “That deep-house I really like (“Too High” has such a nice romantic flavor!) and I am sure that Derek & DJLo’s Acid Love remix will work extremely well with the crowd!” – 5/5

Das Carma – “Wuah is the one for us! Thanks for the promo! One Love, Leon & Marius ” – 4/5

Dani Arielli – “Great Ep!!! Thanks” – 5/5

Bartolomeo – “Goooood!” – 4/5

Khillaudio – “Nice release, first and last track of the EP for me” – 4/5

Phonique – “Too high is a lovely oldschool gem.” – 5/5

Alessio Collina – “La Revanche Original and Acid Love Mix for me, thanks guys!” – 3/5

Rory Northall – “Nice tracks, I will try” – 4/5

Luca Bernascone – “My favourite is Wuah, support from Reparto Vinile” – 5/5

Tensnake – “Thanks, lovely stuff” – 5/5

Lic. / Mayday Express – “More please. The Dancefloor killer Version from Derek & DJLo is the out-of-blue on this peaceful future classic ep.” 5/5

Jacopo Sb – “Che dire.. tutto bellissimo, grande Gianluca e grande Alfa Planet! la mia traccia preferita  Wuah” – 5/5

Manuold – “Wuah best raw” – 5/5

Klangstube (Dj) – “Very nice Ep” – 5/5

Milano Beat Radio – “Grazie ragazzi!!bellissimo ep!! 100% support” – 5/5

Laesh – “Very nice release, thx” – 5/5

Pat Lezizmo – “Nice grooves!” – 4/5

Erol Alkan – “Thanks, downloading” – 3/5

DJLMP / Take It Easy – “Amazing tracks!!” – 5/5

Oncina (Cenital Music) – “Great EP! La Revanche original and remix for me! Thanks for the music” – 5/5

Eddie House – “I love it! It has great tech elements while staying grounded simultaneously.” –  5/5



Derek & DJLo

Alfa Planet