BLS 009 – Marco Sciacca – Vanessa EP

When talking about the work of Marco Sciacca it should be only disrespectful to consider it only as a mere sampling exercise. It is in fact much and much more. It’s a true soundscape of a moody afternoon dipped into a night swim in the sea, smoking expensive cigars. We’ve loved it since the beginning and we think that you will as well. Sure the best is yet to come, but this is a wonderful start.

A1 – Marco Sciacca – You are free
A2 – Marco Sciacca – Overdriven
B1 – Marco Sciacca – Staggered groove (Original Mix)
B2 – Marco Sciacca – Staggered groove (Fabio Macor Follow me Remix)
B3 – Marco Sciacca – Sampling madness

Including one exclusive remixes full of flavour from Fabio Macor.

Available in cassette and digital format with an exclusive handmade artwork.

As we say in Italy, Bellissima!

Format: Tape + Digital

Release date: 20/07/2018

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Latest feedbacks:

Fotis ‘Mentor’ Monos – “Now this is an EP full of moody, deep cuts full of soul! Great job! Staggered Groove is my top pick.” – 4/5
Stefano Albanese – “Great Ep …””Sampling madness”” drives me crazy !” – 5/5
Khillaudio – “Nice ep, always loved Marco’s tracks.” – 5/5
Manuold – “Grande Ep tutto da suonare – 5/5
Pat Lezizmo – “Great release again, I really love Staggered groove, nice melody and chords, relaxed drums. Nice! “Overdriven” is also cool, right up my street. thank you!” – 4/5
Andrea Mennilli – “Staggered groove for me original e Fabio Macor Remix – wicked.“ 5/5
Bigote – “Solid deep-house release, “”Staggered Groove (Original)”” and “”Sampling Madness”” are my favorite!” – 4/5
Simone Rizzuto / LOWERDOSE – “Come sempre un grand sound. caldo, completo, armonioso! una bomba!” – 5/5
Eddie House – “This is a wonderful release. I love Staggered groove (Original Mix). Full Support!” – 4/5
Luis radio – “Cool tracks here.” – 3/5
Klangstube – “Sampling Madness – Marco Sciacca is nice.” – 5/5
Danielle Arielli – “Bellisima!” – 5/5
Lowerdose (RAIN Records) – “Amazing EP!!! Sampling Madness is awesome. Will play for sure! Thnx“ – 5/5
Ezzy/Delta Kollektive – “Tr8 and sampling like a rain, love that kind of groove.” – 4/5
Laesh (Robsoul) – “Very nice ep. deep and raw, my fav is sampling madness.” 4/5