BLS 008 – LTD 12″ – Derek & DJLo feat Rogue D – Caterina EP – The Mysterious Princess

We’re happy to announce the new 12″ release  of our  label BELLISSIMA!, a platform aimed at Italian artists with an eye opened to the world. From House to Techno and all that’s in between, BELLISSIMA! is focused toward sonic excellence and carefully crafted gems; starting from hand drawn covers to full analogue mastering, we care for every bit of our work to deliver a full-fledged superb package.

Caterina EP continue the journey with its distinctive glamorous and groovy taste.
We hope you’ll love this as we do!

Each release has a custom handmade artwork.

Limited 12″ comes with high quality vinyl, custom sleeve and hi res print
Including tracks from Derek & DJLo, with exclusive remixes by Rogue D


Derek & DJLo – Signor Mall (Original Mix)
Derek & DJLo – Signor Mall (Rogue D Remix)
Derek & DJLo – Amore a prima vista (Original Mix)
Derek & DJLo -Amore a prima vista (Rogue D Remix)

Limited 12″ release date [29/06/2018]
Digital release date [29/06/2018]
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Latest feedbacks:

Dj T. – “thank you for the music!” – 4/5
Black Loops – “Booomb” – 5/5
Maya Jane Coles – “Love all tracks here, especially the Rogue D remixes!” – 4/5
Tensnake – “thanks, Signor Mall remix is cool” – 4/5
Alessio Collina – “Like a lot the remix of Rogue D on Signor Mall, will play for sure, thx guys!” – 5/5
Laesh – “very nice ep. All track nice, my fav is Signor Mall Rougue D remix” – 4/5
Danielle Arielli – “all lovely tunes ! I am especially digging Signor Mall. Grazie <3” – 5/5
Andrea Mennilli – “bravi ragazzi, lavoro interessante e creativo, ottima Signor Mall original” – 5/5
Rory Northall – “great release” – 5/5
Pat Lezizmo – “Very very nice EP!!! great tracks and cool mixes!!” – 5/5
Fotis ‘mentor’ Monos – “Really interesting EP. The way the sampling & editing works gives me a really warm feeling inside! Thanks for sending.” – 4/5
Bigote – “Amore A Prima Vista (Rogue D Remix) bomba clamorosa!” – 4/5
William Medagli – “Nice EP…SURE PLAY” – 4/5
Marco Sciacca – “Super EP! I love the “sampling feeling” of this release. Thanks!” – 5/5
Jacopo SB – “tanta tanta roba tutto l’ep, la mia preferita Signor Mall, bravi <3” – 5/5
Khillaudio – “Diggin both originals and the remixes here, nice ep” – 5/5
Giacomo Trevi – “Very nice EP !!! big support for my friend Rogue D !!!” – 4/5
Milano Beat Radio – “thanks!!amzing!!full support” – 5/5
Javier Calvo DJ & Dreams Highway Radioshow – “Good tracks & Remix Guys”- 5/5
Klankstube – “DEREK & DJLo Feat. Rogue D nice” – 2/5
GIOM – “Nice tracks” – 3/5
Leonard Sinclair Christopher – “Loving the Piano’s.. its good!” – 5/5
Try North  – “Would bang this out it’s groovy and jackin” – 5/5


Like a princess of a mysterious kingdom, Caterina is a refined and wonderful treasure, hard to find, impossible to miss.

Perfect for any occasion, also the uncommon ones, her music flees everywhere on her high heels, spreading wonder to the world

As our muse in art and music, the only word able to render her beaty is BELLISSIMA! 



Derek & DJLo

Rogue D

Alfa Planet