DJ // Producer

My name is Jacopo SB, I’m 22 and I’m a music lover. I started to approach the music environment six years ago and, following the advice of one of my friend, I started to listen to electronic music. From then on, I realized that the world of the electronic music would have always been part of my life. I don’t consider myself as a real deejay, but more as a guy who tries to entertain people with his music. Year after year, I jumped into the production world achieving good results; I’m now working to improve myself and to make people know my music and my style. I am proud to have published one of my Ep on both italian and international labels. I think that the two most important projects are an Ep published on the italian label Bunker Records (with a great remix by Giuliano Lomonte) and an Ep published on the label Introspection Recordings. I am now working on a V.A. for Smile For A While – All That Jelly Vol. 4 that will be realized in vinyl and on other releases for the digital and tape formats.