BLS VA 001

Leading the way in research of sonic excellence Bellissima! is proud to present her very first Various Artists full of Italian gems. 

Amazing Analog Adventures – Truly Satisfied
Fabio Macor – Oh You
FLML – Bamboo 
Manuold – Neve
Jacopo SB – Sensation
Derek & DJLo – Stratosfera

Driving through electronic flavours, we’ve crafted the perfect selection of tunes made by some already well known artists such as Jacopo SB, Manuold, Derek & DJLo, Fabio Macor as well as some great newcomer such as Amazing Analog Adventures and FLML harmonizing the perfect recipe for an instant classic. 

Available in cassette and digital format with an exclusive artwork made from a well known balcony full of love.

As we say in Italy, Bellissima! 

Format: Tape + Digital

Release date: 20/04/2018

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Latest feedbacks:

Klngstube – Very Nice!
Alessio Collina – “FLML” is cool, thx!
Fotis ‘mentor’ Monos – “Fabio Macor – Oh You” track is my pick! Really diggin’ this old-school feeling I’m getting from it.
Pat Lezizmo – Great pack of tracks. my fav are “Truly Satisfied” and Neve. Thank you.
Rory Northall – I like the Manuold track.
From the club Milano beat radio – Bellissimo ep!!complimenti!!sound perfetto,pieno supporto!!
Khillaudio – nice VA, fav “Derek & DJLo – Stratosfera”.
Rogue D – Love all the tracks!
Distant People – Full of passion and funk, “Oh you” is my fav.
Tru North – Dope.
Dave Law – “Manuold – Neve” working best for me full support cheers D.
Dear – awesome tracks!!!!!! I’ll play them! “Truly Satisfied” is my fav.
Eddie House – I love “FLML – Bamboo”!