BLS 004 – Fabio Macor – Cassandra EP

As music is considered a form of art, the space where it lives made without questions its full representation. Whit this in mind Fabio Macor crafted CASSANDRA EP, an evolving soundscape were emotional feelings gravitate around field recordings melted to electronics patterns, placing the listener into a cinematic experience. The first track “33000ft Over Finland” is built around the memories of a field recording made during a long air trip surrounded by cold landscapes and sparse people. The second track “Monumento” is about remembering and emotions given by a huge block of engraved stone and all the sound that surrounds those places. The last track “Artemide” is about countryside, smoothness and relaxed behaviours made with a complex and evolving electronic structure built around those nature sounds. The cassette release includes a more dance oriented remix of “Artemide” made by out two champions Derek & DJLo.

A1 – Fabio Macor – 33000ft over Finland
A2 – Fabio Macor – Monumento
B1 – Fabio Macor – Artemide (Original Mix)
B2 – Fabio Macor – Artemide (Derek & DJLo Remix) / Only Tapes Edit

CASSANDRA EP is all about what you can’t hear that build what you are hearing. They couldn’t sound the same without but you can’t tell where they are, so close your eyes and enjoy the flight.



Format: Cassette + Digital

Release date: 26/01/2018

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Including tracks from Fabio Macor with exclusive remix by Derek & DjLo.

Latest feedbacks:

Jacopo SB – Gran bell’Ep, mi ha portato in un altra dimensione! La mia preferita è 33000ft over Finland!
Black Loops – Derek and Djlo remix is a bomb!
Pat Lezizmo – Monumento is a beast! LOVE it!
Khillaudio – Cool material here, not the regular stuff. Inspiring!
Manuold – Grande EP con sonorità dub!
Eddie House – Love this!
Oncina (Cenital Music) – Great EP! Monumento and Artemide for me! Thanks for the music, guys!                         



Fabio Macor

Derek & DJLo

Alfa Planet