BLS 002 – Derek & DJLo – Emma EP



Emma EP continues the journey with a deep, evolving soundscape made by our champions Derek & DJLo with a stunning remix by Fabio Macor.

A1 – Derek & DJLo –  Motion (Original Mix)

A2 – Derek & DJLo – Motion (Fabio Macor – Know Your Enemy Mix)

B1 – Derek & DJLo – Amore a Parigi (Original Mix)

Emma EP, is a deep, sexy and charismatic package which takes the listener on a straight tour through our love for underground sounds.  The result is crafted with love and ready for the dancefloor! 



Format: Digital

Release date: 24/11/2017

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Including tracks from Derek & DJLo with exclusive remix by Fabio Macor. 


Derek & DJLo

Fabio Macor

Alfa Planet